Bracken and Joel share with you the inside story on their amazing cake company Bbaking:
I’m Bracken and I co-own a small bake and cakery based in Stanway, along with my other half Joel.
We are both giant foodies and have fond memories in the kitchen growing up.
unicorn cake
For instance, the most memorable moment for me was coming home from school to walk through the front door and instantly be hit with the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! Or a pan of brownies straight from the oven! It was absolute bliss. It’s things like that which have definitely moulded the baker I am today.
We sell all home baked items such as our own personal favourite…the salted caramel cookie, made completely from scratch.
However, if you’re after a character themed cake, we make those as well!
monster cake
But if it’s the most special of wedding cakes you’re in the market for, we can help!
beautiful cake
Each cake is made by our own two hands and is pocket and purse friendly.
We have been trading at Wivenhoe Market for a few months now. We love the green ethics (we use 100% compostable packaging) and sense of community there is, stall holders will come and have a chat as well as visitors to the market.
We thank all of our customers for their continued support and the organisers also for giving this small business a pitch and a chance.
Our best wishes,
Joel and Bracken at Bbaking”
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