Fanny – Handmade in Wivenhoe

Fanny tells us about what she sews for Wivenhoe Market.

“I moved from France to Wivenhoe in September 2018. I created my workshop in my new home. I sew little objects for children and adults such as:

  • soft toys, ideal for a birth gift,
  • bunting, a unique decoration!,
  • aprons,
  • snoods, a great alternative to scarves, easy to wear, a decorative, super soft, and a warm layer,
  • key chains,
  • fabric baskets, perfect for storing and organizing stationery, make-up, sewing tools or just about anything on your desk, night stand or work surfaces, and far prettier than most functional storage,
  • bibs, etc…

I especially enjoy sewing Cotton facial wipes / Baby wipes / Cleansing cloths. They are reusable, washable, eco-friendly, saving you money and saving the planet from disposable wet wipes and cotton pads. The perfect start to a zero waste lifestyle! They are ideal for removing make-up,  applying creams, cleansers and lotions, nappy changes, bathing, spills, spit up and feeding. Some even use them as coasters. They can be matched with a fabric basket.


Every item is machine washable, unique or made in a small series. If you would like a special colour or size, please ask me.

I miss markets in France where I used to get all my food. I’m so glad that there is a friendly one in Wivenhoe!”


  • Fanny
  • Email: fannjoly[at]