SuzyShack shares with us her new full time activity:

“I have just retired from Essex Police as an investigator which I enjoyed very much.  I started SuzyShack to allow my creative side to thrive.  For a year I did both until in December 2018 I retired from the police to dedicate myself full time to SuzyShack. My husband is very much part of my team.

I started baking loaves for the Wivenhoe community after I had been on several baking courses in London. I wanted to offer Wivenhoe people real handmade bread. I send out a list of bakes on Monday to a list of customers who choose what they would like to order for next weekend.  I then bake to order for collection outside my house when I email to say the bread is out of the oven.  At present I am baking around 50 loaves a week.

homemade wivenhoe bread

At the same time friends and family encouraged me to produce more chutneys and pickles to sell to the public. I then approached the local pub who agreed to include my products in their menu and to provide a dedicated shelf which has jars for people to take home having enjoyed them on the menu. I have a variety of products – four marmalades, piccalilli, chilli jam, lime pickle, mango chutney to name a few. I am now also making Japanese pickles.

mango chutney

My top three sellers are:

1 –sour dough – the wonderful real bread which is made without dried east, its just organic flour, water, salt and time it is the best bread ever with a really pronounced flavour due its long proving in a chilled environment.


2 –Grapefruit marmalade – made using my mum’s recipe from over 60 years ago, it’s just red grapefruit, lemons, and sugar – but with half the sugar she used. Making it sharp and tangy. I also make seville orange marmalade too which is also very popular.

wivenhoe chutney

3 –Piccalilli – hand cut by me with 10 different veggies enrobed in a sweet  aromatic mustard sauce, customers love it and have been known to eat it straight from the jar with a teaspoon – a very far cry from the grey veg in pale yellow tart sauce I remember ‘the uncles’ eating at Christmas. I make loads and loads to keep up with demand.

I have been in Wivenhoe Market since August 2018. It’s a great market run by the community for the community. A lively mix of traders offering essentials like veg, meat, fish etc to local and visiting people who are now regulars.  We are very lucky to have the market and be well supported by locals.

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