Mitch Mclean tells us about Wild-Taste which makes wild Food and Drinks (Foraged food):
“We are a small independent Team comprising of different specialists in foraging and Wild plants , Historians, Archaeologists, Ecologists, Chefs etc… We link the History of our Ancestral knowledge together through the use of Wild foods. That can contribute to our understandings of our lost Ancient wisdom, of our local landscapes, and its uses through our historic past.
Wild Taste Stall is a window of the Wild light project which is an Art and Design project that gets people out into the Natural environment in many Art and Design based projects.
From the stall you can book foraging walks and courses and other events that we have throughout the year. We have a wood near by 2 miles from Wivenhoe where we do events on wild food , foraging,  art projects using the landscape, weekend events, camping, pop up wild food feasts etc…
wild garlic
Main products that sell on the Stall are (All pending on availability):
  • Wild Garlic Mayonnaise, Oils , fresh leaf, Salts.
  • Samphire Fresh, pickled.
  • Fennel Fresh, Mayonnaise, Salt.
  • Horse Raddish Root Mayonnaise, fresh , Oil.
  • Truffles Fresh , Oil.
  • Dried, fresh and powdered Mushroom including Medicinals.”